This dog thought she was out for a walk, but there was a huge surprise waiting for her

6-14-2015 12-05-00 PM

Nothing is harder than losing your dog; it’s very breaking thing for those who have been through it before. Bella the dog was lost, and as her owner said, losing her was a nightmare. He said that it all started when she ran away from his friend’s home while he was away in Florida, as he was leaving her there with his friend till he came back. It was shocking, so he looked for her everywhere, for a complete 3 long days. They printed flyers and searched for her in every place and every shelter around the area.

6-14-2015 12-05-41 PM

Thankfully, she was finally found, she was found so far away, her owner traveled 2 hours to get her. Imagine how the reunion was like, it was stunning. It was a scene full of joy and tears. I couldn’t stop crying while watching. The dog thought she is out for a walk with those who found her, but the fact is that she was out to be reunited with her beloved owner. What an amazing happy ending, Bella was so happy to be back in her owner’s arms.

6-14-2015 12-06-12 PM

Every day we see a story about how dogs react when they are reunited with their owners, we saw many of adorable and joyful moments of reunions. Dogs are very loyal, they can’t resist the distance between them and their friends, but even if the distance and time were long, the love of the dog to its owner stays the same and gets even bigger. This video simply shows how pets are loyal, faithful and loving. Dogs teach us how to be faithful and truly love people who surround us, nothing is better in life than having a loyal pet.

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