This Dog Was Badly Infected With Mange, See The Miraculous Transformation

10-29-2015 8-05-58 PM

This dog’s story is totally heartbreaking; you will start crying tears after watching the dog’s situation after he was rescued, but the end will draw a smile on your face. The transformation of the dog is amazing, and it will leave you speechless.

Monk is a dog who was badly injured and infected with mange;he was rescued from Memphis, Tennessee. The dog was in a horrible condition, he had collapsed, he was very skinny, he was hairless and he was badly infected with mange, and he was injured all over his body, which it infected his blood. The vet also treated him as a case of burn victim.

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The rescuers brought the dog immediately to the shelter, his condition was horrible and his soul was broken, it seemed that he has not been touched for a long time; he was sitting in the corner, staring at the wall. He needed special medical scrub baths every day, and also he needed a special diet. One of the volunteers started to touch him, and gave him some treats. Day by day, he started to get better, he started the recovery road, his personality started to shine gradually, and they started to treat him from mange and his open wounds.

10-29-2015 8-03-17 PM

You won’t believe how the dog is looking like at the end, it’s an amazing transformation. Even though he lived for a long time without an interaction between him and humans, but look at him now, he is doing great, he is so playful, he loves cuddles, and he also loves his doggie friends.

It’s an amazing recovering journey, and now, Monk is having an amazing life with his owners. Watch the video of the whole journey and if you find it touching, share it with all of your family and friends.