This dog was brutalized, thrown in a canal, what happened next is inspiring


LA on cloud9 is working with the police on Jordan’s case, they have submitted evidence and of course the person who did that will be punished, at the bottom of the riverbed in Watts, an eyewitness saw this poor dog, so he called volunteers from LA on Cloud 9 who came immediately to save the poor pup.
When they came with their leader Claudia Perez, they realized that will need the help of someone, so they called Eldad from Hope for Paws who came at the moment to save this little one.

On a ladder, Eldad went down to save the dog, when he reached him, he was shocked when he saw the poor puppy who hardly could stand, the tiny dog was in pain, so Eldad has lift him carefully taking him to emergency, while they were in the road, Eldad called him Jordan, on their website LA on cloud9 wrote that Jordan is going to be recovered slowly and his mange is now treated, they gave him another medicated bath so he is doing well, his body full of wounds, he needs to be operated and he has a lot of infections and because he is anemic, they have postponed the surgery.
Upon investigation, they knew that what happened for Jordan is because of a crazy man who has dog anger, he cut the right hind leg of Jordan, and then he placed Jordan in a bag believing that he was dead and threw the poor dog 30 feet down into the river.

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Jordan stayed there down for 2 days, now Jordan is struggling to be alive and his story is inspirying one that can inspire every given up or depressed one. So if you have one of your friends who is devastated and hate the life, share this story with him, of course it will be a motivation so he can hold the life.

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