This Dog Was Chained To Wall For 10 Years, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next To Him

Every stray dog needs a second chance, but it seems that also owned dogs need that second chance. Shockingly, there are some dog owners who are irresponsible to take care of their pets.

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This story happened with the Vimeo user and Phoenix, AZ, resident Jared Piper, when she was walking by a barren and she noticed a dog, a poor dog was chained inside the yard, sitting outside in a 120 degrees Fahrenheit. She saw the dog sitting all alone. She didn’t show any affection to the dog, but when she passed in the next days she noticed that there is no interaction with anyone around, she noticed also that he is poorly socialized, that he would snarl at her as she passed, day by day she found the dog was sitting there alone, no one to play with him. So she started to show affection, she decided to be courageous enough to do that. She started to play with him, she entered her fingers between the fence, the dog came closer and showed some affection. She also fed him some treats.


But she was shocked by the dog’s situation. He was in a horrible condition, lots of wounds and fleas all over his body, and a suspected tumor. She kept on visiting the dog for two weeks, but then she felt like it’s not enough to be nice to him and she should make a change in his life, she met his owner and blamed her for the way they treated the dog, his owner said to her that the dog is chained up for more than 10 years, so she didn’t hesitate to tell her that she would take him with her to find him a loving home instead of this cruel life he is having.

She named him Rusty Diamond, and she took him immediately to the vet for the medical check. Watch his transformation; it is heartwarming, now he is living the life that he deserves.