This dog was dumped by her owner, but her rescue was an unusual one.

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This rescue is the most difficult, but it’s just full of tears and smiles. It all started when Daisy the dog was dumped by her unfaithful owner in the Florida Everglades. Pets in Distress, also located in Florida, was notified about the dog, and asked Kelly Lecain to check the whole thing out. They tried for weeks and weeks to gain Daisy’s trust, but it was useless. Even though they sat with her for hours and fed her, the dog’s case was getting worse and worse every day. Then Kelly’s best friend stepped in, Jody Rosoff, she flew in from Baltimore, MD, also to help get Daisy to feel better and for Daisy to be happier. It was impossible, sadly, the dog built her walls up so high, and they couldn’t reach her. Hopeless, Jody searched for help, that’s when she stumbled upon Hope for Paws.

Jody called them and explained to the rescuers how the dog’s condition was bad, and she offered to fly them all the way from Los Angeles to Florida, and they agreed. When the courageous rescuers met Daisy, for a second, they thought it would be easy. But after three minutes of trying to interact with her, they knew they were wrong. They noticed that the dog’s coat and skin was in a good condition. But the worst part is, she became nervous and headed into the Everglades, which is a very dangerous place for any pet because there is alligators and snakes, also the lack of food. Hope for Paws tried almost everything for a week, they tried to catch her but it didn’t work. They drew a plan to catch her with the help of 10 volunteers, but it never worked. They lost hope for a couple of weeks.

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But when they got back, they had a vet with them and an expert in animal darting, and a very good plan. However, they found that Daisy’s skin and coat was far from good, and after her trying to run away from them for 6 minutes, she dropped and feel asleep from the exhaustion. They took that as a chance to drug her, and they took her home. When she woke up in the car, she was freaked out, but they called Kelly and she came with them, and she started trying to calm the dog. When they went back to the apartment, they gave her a medicated bath, and she started after that to wag her tail, which was a huge progress.

Sadly, she suffered from mange, fungal infections, and intestinal blockage.

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But, for the happy ending, Daisy was adopted by her hero, Kelly, and Daisy finally had her happy safe life she always deserved.