This Dog Was Found Chained at The Church, Starving, Near Death, Till Angels Arrived…

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It’s very heartwarming to read about a dog that is finally having a happy life after all what happened to him and all the pain he went through. It all started when this dog was found abandoned, starving, in pain and shockingly, the dog was chained up outside of a church in Georgia. When the dog was seen, an emergency phone call was made to the animal services and they went to the scene immediately to see the dog.


The dog’s name was Odysseus, finally the rescuers arrived to him and they brought the dog to US Pet Rescue, and they were totally shocked when they measured his weight, he was 28 pounds only! According to his age that was determined to be only two years, he is so underweight, his bones appear under his skin, he is hardly walking, and his condition was horrible; he was a skeleton. But love is always the best cure, and it can heal.


At the vet, they started to give the dog the medical treatment that he needs. The dog only weighed 28 pounds; the normal weight is between 55 to 70 pounds. The vet said that he was saved in the right time, if they were a little late, this dog wouldn’t have survived. They gave him IV fluids and they put him on a diet plan.


Day after day, he made an amazing recovery, Odie couldn’t walk before, but now he started to walk around. With the treatments and with the endless love he was given, he made an amazing recovery. He is so good with other people, there is still a long road left for his complete recovery, but once he recoveres, he will be going to his new home.

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