This Dog Was Found Tied To A Pole With A Note Around His Neck, What Happened Next Was Amazing


Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing a dog that was finally rescued after all what it had been through, but the story of Joey is totally different. Joey was an abandoned dog left on the street and tied to a light pole. No one stopped to see what this dog was doing there.  They were intimidated by his barks.  But poor Joey was really scared. Passersby were so scared to get close to him.


Someone came closer to this dog, a woman named Lisa, and she noticed that there was a note around his neck; it read “My name is Joey. I am looking for a home. Please take care of me!” The woman decided to help him.  She called the local shelter, and they asked her to bring him.  Lisa was afraid of him at first, but then relaxed when she started walking him, as she realized he was more afraid than she was.

It was a long walk, and Joey was terrified.  It was difficult for the dog to trust anyone when it was so vulnerable and after what he experienced with his former owner.  The dog was hard to tame but Lisa understood why.   Finally after lots of efforts, Lisa arrived at the Forte Animal Rescue.


The vets checked the dog, and found him in good condition, but he was very aggressive. After some treatments and training sessions, four months later, someone adopted Joey. Thankfully his life was changed, now he is living with his new family.

Because Lisa was the one behind this amazing rescue, $3,590 was raised for her to fix her van in which she was living in with her 3 cats. Lisa rescued Joey, and at the same time he rescued her.