This Dog With Half A Nose Is Waiting For A New Life


It’s a shocking story of a dog that is smiling with half a nose; this dog was found abandoned on the streets by an animal control officer. When the officer found the dog, he took him to the shelter immediately, luckily the dog was microchipped, but when they contacted the dog’s original owners, their answer was shocking, they said that they don’t want this dog anymore.

Bjarni is the name, all what they wanted was for this dog to live happily and loved, it seemed that this dog had a horrible life, so they decided to keep him in the shelter, start his treatments till he is fully recovered, and then he will be put for adoption.


Bjarni was having a problem while eating and breathing, but despite all of this, he was a playful loving dog, his personality is extraordinary! Veterinarian Jason Balara said that the dog will go for his first surgery, they will try to fix and reconstruct his face, this surgery will make him eat and breathe easier than before.

Maybe Bjarni does not look like the rest of the dogs, but he is so loving and cute. The vet expects this dog to recover in two months, and they hope to find him a home then. This dog deserves to live with a loving family, who will care for him and give him a forever home.


This story is teaching us to be humane, and give love unconditionally, it’s not known yet what happened to this dog or what ruined his jaw and nose. There was a fundraiser that was held online to cover Bjarni’s expenses, and they deactivated it after the enough money was raised.

Well, we are wishing you the best, Bjarni. Hopefully, you will get a second chance to live the life you deserve.