This Donkey Was Left To Die, But This Four Legged Friend Changed His Life


Zenith Gurgel

Animals’ kingdom always surprises us with the amazing relations between animals together. This story is a real example of how lovely animals are,this relationship is between a donkey and a little puppy. This donkey was living a horrible life, but look at him now, he is the luckiest donkey in the world, simply because he is having a special little furry friends.

Guerreirinho the donkey was found injured, a car hit him on a country road near the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, shockingly the one who hit the donkey ran away, he never thought to stop and call someone to rescue the poor animal. The donkey was left to die on the street.


Zenith Gurgel

But this donkey was so lucky, some people passed by that road and they saw the donkey; they decided to help the donkey’s life, so they took him immediately to the Rodrigues’s house, and there, they started to medically treat the baby donkey.

The baby donkey was badly injured, he had three fractures in his legs, and there was a lot of money needed to make a surgery for the baby donkey to allow him to walk again, so until they collect the money, this donkey will stay off his feet.


Zenith Gurgel

It was a hard time, waiting for a miracle, but this cute puppy made it way easier on the donkey, the little puppy comforted the injured donkey, it was a special friendship.

Surprisingly this puppy was a stray one, and for the first time, the cute Guerreirinho had found a good friend who could comfort him till he gets over the pain.


Zenith Gurgel

The rescuers of this donkey are trying their best to collect fund to cover the cost of the surgery, you can visit this page to donate for this donkey.


Zenith Gurgel

Share this link with your family and friends and help this donkey recover.

[h/t – The Dodo]