This elk saved a marmot’s life in the most amazing way


The animal kingdom is undoubtedly the most wonderful and surprising thing. It is great to have a chance to learn more and more about the wonders of it and the strange facts associated with each species. The animal kingdom is a place for many unusual and new friendships and relationships. Every day we see lots of stories that just make our mouths drop because of how amazing and unusual they are. But no matter how weird and unusual the stories are, we always can’t help but find them to be heartwarming and inspiring.

This is the story of an elk living in the Pocatello Zoo in Idaho that did an unusual and most amazing act.


When this 4 year old elk named Shooter started acting in a weird way around his water trough, luckily, the zoo officials were there to observe the unusual behaviour. What they saw blew their minds.

Apparently, something inside the trough was irking Shooter. He was dipping his head repeatedly in the water, trying to catch something. Then, he started using his front limbs to paw at it, it was such an unusual thing. After more than 15 minutes of this, he finally managed to position his antlers correctly and was able to pull something out of the water. Taking a closer look, the officials noticed that Shooter pulled out a marmot from his water trough, then poked him until the marmot regained consciousness and ran back to its home.


According to experts, this was a very unusual thing, and it could be either that the marmot was simply annoying Shooter, or that Shooter noticed the marmot’s distress and instinct told him to save it. Whatever it is, it’s truly amazing, I’m so glad it was caught on camera.


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