This ferret decided to jump and defy gravity, it’s hilarious.

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Ferrets wanna have fun; sometimes they turn out to be the cutest, most playful pets ever. In this video, you will see this curious little glow-in-the-dark ferret, who is playing and having fun in his home, but now he is having a new attempt in life. The ferret wants to jump from the table he is standing on, to the other side, and suddenly, the ferret made it and jumped, but what happened then was hilarious, he fell down the floor. It’s very painful, I felt his pain. I hope he is ok. I can’t stop watching this funny video, you will laugh hard.

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After the video was uploaded on YouTube, The ferret’s owner, Marek Riha, said that his ferret is not injured or harmed after this attempt, he is healthy, he was just giving it a try. You’ve got to see this video, it’s very funny.
Ferrets are very cute animals, they have another name which is Mustela, and they have so many colors like black, white or brown or maybe mixed colors. Their life span is about 8 years; but some was known to live till 12 years old. The weirdest thing is that they need about 14-18 hours of sleeping. Baby ferrets are called kits, they are born with a white fur, and you won’t believe this, the baby ferrets are small enough to fit a teaspoon! It’s totally unbelievable. They love to jump and play around, they are not afraid of humans.

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