this German shepherd dog is the best work out partner!

this German shepherd dog is the best work out partner!

Exercise and work out routines are amazing when your pets are doing them with you. This German shepherd dog is full of energy; he loves to exercise with his owner. This German shepherd dog is called Baron and he is only 5 month old, each time his owner starts to exercise, he joins her. They started with lunges, and girly pushups, he’s doing it great, till the time comes for the high knees in circles, you will get that feeling that Baron can’t do it, but when his owner finished, she stopped in the middle and he ran around her, isn’t he the cutest workout partner ever?

It’s important to exercise your dog, for health reasons and to avoid them getting over weight. It becomes a little bit harder in winter so we are going to tell you some tips that will help you exercise your dog simply in winter. Play a game with your dog, like hide and seek, it’s a good game that will help your dog move more, you can hide some treats or your dog’s favorite toy. Some treadmill exercises are ok or indoor walks especially when it’s very cold out there. Don’t let the cold weather prevent you from going out for outdoor walks in winter, dogs love snow, they love to play in it, they must stay about 30 to 40 minutes playing in snow, it will leave their muscles toned. As for German shepherd dog, you have to take them to parks and clubs where people are available there, to raise their social, well behaved activity, also to give them the ability to run, they are full of energy, they need lots of exercising.

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