This German shepherd is the biggest belly-rubbing fan!

Like many of his fellow species, Charlie the Jack Russell Terrier is a big fan of belly rubbing since he was a little puppy. This amazingly adorable pup does not even care what his owner is doing or what the time is, he just loves to roll over asking for his favorite kind of affection!

The Seelenvoll German shepherd puppies shared this video below on their facebook fan page, recently; showing the lovable little German shepherd puppy lying down on his back and showing off his belly, in a gesture to request a belly rubbing session. This little guy is awesomely cute, isn’t he?

Petsfans 0135 - 2

As a dog lover, I know exactly how my pooch, and almost all pooches, love to get their bellies rubbed. These adorable creatures love it to the extent that they would beg for it just like this little Pomeranian Jinxy! In this video below Charlie is acting as an ideal belly-rubbing fan, looking so happy, he does not want his human friend to stop. You can even hear the owner expressing how stopping now would lead to trouble.

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If you have ever had a dog, then you can understand Charlie’s nibbling on his human’s hand as she rubs his belly! You would also know that this little pup’s behavior is typical of most puppies! You will love watching the cute video below yourself.  Tell us in a comment if you ever had a pet who acts like way.


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