this golden retriever dog’s owner tosses a treat up, what happened next was hilarious

this golden retriever dog's owner tosses a treat up, what happened next was hilarious

You won’t stop laughing at what this golden retriever dog had done. I know dogs are smart but when it comes to treats, things change a little. It was time for treats, the golden retriever dog standing there waiting for his turn, the owner tosses a treat up into the air, so her dog will catch it in his mouth, but things didn’t go in the right way. The golden retriever dog lost his sight of the treat, and he started searching for the treat, looking up for it, like the air had caught it. The golden retriever dog was confused; he was like asking himself “where has it gone?” This golden retriever dog’s reaction is totally priceless; it drops my jaws from laughing. This video will make your day.

Golden Retriever is smart despite what happened here, they are also good natured, and they are one of the best family companions. According to their thick hairy fur coat, they need to be brushed daily; their coat needs much of your care and also much of grooming. Golden retriever shouldn’t stay home alone; they need to be always with their families and their owners. They love to eat and they easily gain weight so you have watch out and take care of what they eat and its amounts. A Golden retriever dog is kind and gentle, protective and smart; they are really good with children and other animals. And they are very energetic and playful.

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