This gorilla decided to play a game with the zoo keepers, HILARIOUS

4-20-2015 1-48-51 PM

This gorilla is hilarious and as all gorillas, she got that sense of humor. This gorilla is the funniest ever; everyone came around to watch her, because she is intelligent, but they never expected the gorilla to do this to the zoo keeper. The gorilla started roaming around, people were fascinated with her beauty, but the gorilla wanted to add her own touch on the scene, so she decided to make a funny joke on the zoo keepers. The gorilla took few steps and started to dig the grass with her hand, and within seconds, she held a piece of the grass in her hands and throws it away towards the zoo keepers. People who were standing there, couldn’t stop laughing while watching what the gorilla did, it was totally hilarious yet funny. This video made my day. It was also a new prove that Gorillas are amazing creatures. Aren’t they?

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We have seen in many videos how gorillas are amazing and kind. In this video you will see the story of Koko the gorilla who had lost her kitten friend, it was heartbreaking, accidently the little kitten had passed away, which broke the gorilla’s heart, you won’t believe how the gorilla reacted when she knew that her little friend had passed away is heart breaking, the gorilla was really crying. Don’t miss also to watch this video about the gorilla who was scared from the goose, a Kansas zoo gorilla has had his tough guy reputation somewhat tarnished by a video revealing his terrified reaction to a goose. Sedgwick County Zoo’s 16-year-old Gorilla, Barney comes face to face with the goose at a zoo in Kansas, but the gorilla isn’t able to face the goose and runs away in fear, it’s hilarious.

4-20-2015 1-49-51 PM

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