This guy made THE BEST house for his dog inspired from Disney Pixar’s Up!


For some people, being an animal lover is not just about playing with your pet or sharing cute and funny animal videos on the internet, and not even just about feeding stray animals or occasionally volunteering at shelters. It is an entire life dedication. For these people, they believe in trying to reward the enormous amount of love that our pets give us every second of every day, so they try to think of the most creative ways to do so. And as we’re about to see, one guy decided to merge his love for the Disney Pixar movie “UP” with the love of his dog, and he created this masterpiece.

2-25-2015 12-46-57 AM

In this video you will meet Steve Minty and his dog Dug. Steve is a huge fan of the Disney Pixar movie “UP” and he also loved his loyal pet Dug and wanted to give him an awesome present that no one has ever thought of before. So, like any genuine dog lover, Steve decided on an idea and went all the way to make it come true!

With the help of Steve Minty’s best friend, Esteban Gomez, they were able to get in contact with people who were willing to help. These people were Super-Fan Builds, which is a bi-weekly Youtube show that brings together Hollywood set makers and fans. And so, after hard work and determination, they were finally able to build an exact replica of the house that was in the movie UP. And now, the happy dog Dug can call this amazing building its home.


This lovely determination from Steve to build a nice and creative home for his dog was just very heart warming. I hope all dog owners will dedicate that much time and effort to their pets, in order to repay them for the big amount of love they give us every day.