This homeless dog was terrified from anyone comes near her, until it was the time of her rescue

6-25-2015 2-17-02 PM

When dogs live for a long time in street, they start to lose their trust to people day by day, it’s a result of how much they got abused in streets. This is what happened to Zuzi the dog, who was a homeless dog, the abandoned dog was living on the parking area of a company. Some humane workers put him food, but as the workers said, they can’t come close to her. They told the rescuers also that it will not be easy to catch her because she had a horrible experience with a dogcatcher who was trying to catch her using catchpoles, which was something terrifying to her that ended with a trauma. So it won’t be easy on the rescuers to catch the dog easily.

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They started to give her some food but she didn’t come near them or trust them, so by the help of a vet, they found that the best solution would be to administer her to a tranquilizer. Gradually, she calmed down, and allowed to the rescuers to give her the hand of help. They started to pet her, till she trusts them. They found that the dog is full of fleas and wounds, so they took her immediately to the vet.

Zuzi trusted people again; she is treated from all the wounds, now she won’t sleep in the streets again, now she will sleep on her special bed with her name on it. Now Zuzi have lots of petties and love, she loves to cuddle, she is also so good with other animals.

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If you are interested in adopting Zuzi, contact Howl Of A Dog at contact@howlofadog.org . Watch the video of her rescue below, and share it with your family and friends, it’s the way help Zuzi find a forever home.