This is a proof that horses are way more than just animals

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If you’ve ever ridden horses then you just know how much of a spirit lifting activity it is. Even if you aren’t well trained, it’s always fun to be on the back of a horse, seeing the world from a totally different point of view, and connecting with the sweet animal.

Horse are one of the sweetest and most kind animals out there, and they get along with humans very easily, making them one of the best choices for people in farms and also making horseback riding a very enjoyable activity.

This is why a group of people decided to start this therapy idea for seniors. They started The Hearts & Horses Therapeutic Riding Center, a therapy center which revolves around the idea of helping seniors connect with their past selves and also helping them to get their spirits up through horseback riding and spending time around horses.

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It was so heartwarming to see the direct and extremely positive influence that riding the horses had on the seniors, it truly is a proof that animals have such a deep influence on our lives, and are capable of touching us in ways we don’t usually notice.

It was especially touching to see when Ray, who was a former cowboy/rancher, who is now blind, got to ride a horse again. You can just about see the waves of happiness radiating off him. This therapy center gives a chance for the seniors to reconnect with their past and the happiness they used to feel back then. As you can see, the seniors are always secured and accompanied by someone, and also, the horses are all well trained and well behaved.

We are so glad for the people at Hearts & Horses, we wish their work expands to more areas.

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Source: Riding in the moment by LittleThingsVideo on Rumble