This is how this cat reacted when she saw snowflakes for the first time!

2-4-2015 8-01-35 PM

This cat is so cute; the way she reacted from the snowflakes is adorable. The cat was sitting in front of the window, suddenly she found those magical white flakes falling from the sky, but the cat’s reaction was priceless, and surprisingly it’s the very first snowfall and the little cat is enjoying watching it, not just that, the cat is also chasing the running snowflakes, she is trying to catch it, this cute one is totally sweet. How cute is that? This video had made my day.

This video shows the real instinct of a cat, a cat loves to chase, that’s why this cat is chasing the flakes, and that’s why she is like trying to catch that white little things that are moving in front of her.

Most cats aren’t very excited about cold snow, but some cats are, and if your cat is one of those who get excited when it comes to snow, you have to read this. Before going out with your cat in this snowy weather, you have to make sure that your cat is warmed up, all you need for your cat is to let it wear a sweater to protect from cold, but already cats’ fur is protecting them, but sometimes it’s not enough, you have to protect your cats to not catch a cold. Also before your cats walk on snow, let them wear boots to protect their paws from snow, they will hate it at first but you have to let them wear it. Cold weather is dangerous on cats, and it causes many problems and it appears when they get older.

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Watch this cute video of those two cute kittens having a playful time in snow, and it’s pretty amazing.

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