This is how this German shepherd dog reacts when he listens to this song!

This is how this German shepherd dog reacts when he listens to this song!

Some dogs love music; they have a favorite song that each time it’s played they react in a very special way when they listen to it, and this German shepherd dog is having music ears. This cute German shepherd dog can’t get enough of the theme song from the “Sons of Anarchy” Once the song is played, the German shepherd dog started to sing along with it happily till it end, isn’t he the cutest German shepherd dog ever? Just make sure that the volume is raised up and enjoy listening to the German shepherd dog howling with the song. This video will make your day.

Dogs can interact with any type of music. New research confirms that dogs have musical preferences, and they react to them. And the reaction is determined by the type of music. Psychologist Deborah Wells conducted an experiment and tried to expose dogs in an animal shelters to music and divide them in sections, each section going with different types of music, and not just classics; pop, country music, and rock. The dogs’ behaviors changed according to the types. Each group reacted to their type in a totally different way, so make sure that you are choosing the right type of music that will not affect his behavior badly. It’s also known that if a puppy heard a song in his first few weeks, they will remember it when they grow up and pay attention to it, it’s also the same for babies, when a baby hear a song in their first months, they will remember it perfectly when they grow up. It may also affect their behavior.

Does your dog have a special song that they love to hear? Watch this German shepherd dog and if you like it, share it with your family and friends.

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