This Is The Reason Why Dogs Are Fond Of Licking Glass


Every dog owner must have noticed their dogs licking glass from time to time. For some dogs, there is a mysterious joy in tasting glass and if you just look at their faces, you will know exactly what I mean.

A Twitter user asked the following question; “Does anybody else’s dog lick the glass window?” That user must have been wondering because he wanted to make sure if his dog is normal or is there something abnormal in his behavior.

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The user was provided with evidence that many, many dogs do the same habit.

“Dogs are individuals and exhibit specific behaviors for different reasons based on many unique factors,” Kenny Lamberti, director of strategic engagement for the companion animal department of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) said.

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Lamberti stated that licking, in general, is a normal habit that dogs do. “They can lick to sooth themselves, self-groom or sometimes to relieve stress,” he said.

Dogs may find a relief in licking the car windows, this could be their secret magical way to de-stress. “Licking the car window is fairly common,” Lamberti said, “and although many dogs enjoy taking car rides, some can get anxious. Licking the window can be a way for the dog to self-soothe.”

Dog owners must realize that some dogs might lick glass because they are feeling bored. While other dogs just love to lick glass because this feels good.


Lamberti advised that if licking glass is not obsessive or harmful, there is absolutely nothing dangerous or needs concern, it is just a normal behavior.

If your dog is a glass-licking addicted, it’s better to see your vet and make sure there is nothing dangerous.

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