This is the words that the dog LIKE-HATE the most. See what he did when his owner said BATH

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We all have some likes and dislikes, also dogs are the same, they have their own desires, they enjoy some stuff and they don’t enjoy the other, they also understand our words, and here is the prove. Boomer the pit bull dog can say yes or no with some really cute actions, his owner just called him to bath, then he took off immediately, and when she says the word going outside. He turned back with genuine excitement energy, and sparkly adorable eyes. But his owner broke his trust and tells him again to bath so he ran away again, His actions are awesomely priceless. Really pit bulls are very smart and wonderful dogs.

We have a suggestion and a trick; let’s take boomer to take a “bath”, but “outside.” Just imagine how funny it will be when he went to take the shower against his will

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Beside all these creative ways, The most common mistake an owner can do with their dogs is saying that it’s bathing time, once they will know, they will start running. So it’s better to get a treat for them in the bathroom so they can associate bathing with food, which will make it a lot easier.

All dogs do lots of weird acts when the time comes for bath, watch this funny video of a dog who had figured out a new trick to avoid taking a bath, you won’t stop laughing on what he did, don’t miss also to watch this video of a cute black Labrador dog who is hiding under the bed when his owner said that it’s bath time! It’s incredible, isn’t it?

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