This is what every dog dream about, and they love it

3-30-2015 6-34-57 PM

This compilation of dogs in this clip is so beautiful, at the first of the clip that dog watching match tennis and it might that he wants to play tennis also, in the next scene huge numbers of balls have been thrown on another dogs who really enjoyed the touch of the tennis balls, till come the scene of the dog who plays with a giant ball till the end of the video all of the dogs appeared were enjoying playing with the tennis balls. Generally dogs enjoying playing with balls.

3-30-2015 6-36-22 PM
Did you try to play with your dog with tennis ball, if you didn’t, you have to try it. This will be amazing and your dog will enjoy it. Playing with your dog can help them to be fit and keep healthy weight, playing help your dog to be active and energetic. So if you want your dog to love you more, play with him. Playing with dogs prevent behavior problems, chew toys, tossing toys and chasing balls encourage your dog to exercise, also it help him to stop barking or distributing you.

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Try to change the routine of playing with your dog, many people blaming that they have a lot of toys in their backyards, but their dogs doesn’t play with it or doesn’t really enjoy playing with it, so you have to change the routine of playing; you can rotate the place of the toys weekly or daily, also you can disappear some toys for a week or a little bit of time, if he don’t see his toy for a period of time, it will be like getting new toy, also you can remove the interesting toy for him after your play session with so he will be interested to see it and play again with it.