This is what happened when Izzy the pit bull puppy meets her big brother!

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One of the best videos ever are those about little puppies interacting with big dogs, and here in this video we are about to see a new meeting between a little puppy and her big brother. And you will be totally surprised by how much patient is the big dog is! The little puppy is so playful and full of energy, but it seems that the big dog wants to have a nap and he is not ready to play, and each time Seamus tries to catch some sleepy moments, he find the cute Izzy, the pit bull puppy, jumped on him and played with him, see how the big brother will react to with his new pit bull friend

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Raising two dogs together is not a hard thing to do, but sometimes they have different characters from each other especially when they aren’t raised together since their puppy hood or they are different in ages. It takes quite a lot of time until they can get used to each other, and lots of training, patience and treats, and then they will soon be able to get used to each other.

Pit bull dogs are known for their highly energetic personality, they are very active. Pit bulls are one of the best dogs; Pit bulls are emotional and this is what most of people think it’s not right; they are very socializing, calm, and confident. They can be loyal family members, and they respect their owners, and have deep love for children. They are also strong and powerful, and that makes Pit bull dogs used for dog fights, because they are very aggressive, but if they are well trained, they will be well behaved.

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