This Is What Happens When Owners Leave Flip Flops In Front Of Their Cats

10-3-2015 1-33-33 PM

I have no doubt that cats make our lives funnier with what I call “Cats’ Logic”, and we see it clearly when cats see boxes, plastic bags, or flip flops. Actually I couldn’t stop laughing at this funny compilation of videos.  They show cats playing with flip flops, and it is the most hilarious thing ever.  When they see a flip flop, they react like an uncontrolled hooligans. But surprisingly, some of them are scared of flip flops.  Just like the cat who appears at 0.38, look how it reacts when it sees the black flip flop! It is clearly petrified of it. This adorable 2 minutes compilation made my day.

10-3-2015 1-34-32 PM

Cats have many characteristics in common, what ever toys you buy them, however much you spend on their toys, they will always find the flip flop or the card box more entertaining.  Cats leave filtered water and drink directly from the tap. Your cat might have lots of toys, but the toe spacer is still the most amazing, and of course the TV cables are a must bite! Cats love to chew on them.  Despite how many cat beds you buy, the pizza box, the bag, the pot in the kitchen or any box in the house will be the most comfortable. Sometimes your cat shows you how desperate it is for a pat,  and when you extend your hand, it decides to scratch and bite.   This is exactly what we mean by Cat logic. Cats are awesome, aren’t they?

What does your cat do when it finds a flip flop? It’s fun watching them entertained by such weird objects.  I think that every cat owner should have a special pair of flip flops handy for its cat, as they love playing with them.   Watch the funny video below and if you find it funny, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.