This Is Why Your Cat Comes To The Bathroom With You!


If you are a cat owner, I am sure that you have experienced this before, your cat is always following you to the bathroom, some cats will wait for you outside, some other will go inside with you, and if you didn’t allow them, your cat will try her best to open the bathroom’s door.

I am sure that you thought before to ask your vet about this, why does she follow you to thebathroom each time? Is it a part of a guarding program;is there a secret between cats and bathrooms?Dear cats, why do you love staring at us while we’re in the bathroom?


One cat owner told us about his cat, he said that his cat does this all the time, she wants also to follow him to the bathroom and if he didn’t allow her in, she puts her paws under the door, so he puts his hands down for her and they “hold hands”, this is all that she wants, and it made her happy, she started to purr.

Another opinion said that cats want to always know what happens behind closed doors, they are very curious; they can’t stand there waiting for you to come out. Cats don’t like it to be abandoned and left outside alone.

Someone else suggested that maybe cats love to go to the bathroom because it’s a cool place so she can chill.


Actually we have no certain answer for this, as cats do so many unreasonable things that we can’t find an answer for it, and this is one of them. So it’s better to stop searching about the reason why and let your cat enjoy her time with you in the bathroom.

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