This kindhearted woman saved animals from Poachers.


All of us know how the Ivory trade has affected the number of the elephants in Africa; although the awareness has been raised into this issue, the greed of the traders is also increasing. On the other side in Nairobi National Park, when you go there you will see that they receive visitors who come to see the orphaned elephants playing in their mud and feeding by bottles, those babies have been orphaned due to the greed of the traders of Ivory who killed their mothers, so this beautiful and kind hearted woman Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick has founded this foundation with the name of her husband David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust since 1977 to take care of the little babies, there each elephant has its room and his own keeper, it is really important to take care of these babies who have physical wounds and emotional wounds after losing their families.


Upon her studies, Sheldrick has developed liquid like the mama elephant milk, it has the benefits of the milk of the mama elephant so the babies can grow up healthy in their first years of childhood.


  1. Daphne has lived in Kenya for several years and, her passion for the poor babies is increasing day by day, also they could raise more than 150 baby elephant to live healthy, the aim of that is to reintroduce the elephants into the wild herds of the zone again, so they can repopulate these kind species again. She worked all his life to prevent the trade of ivory which destroy the elephant’s life to allow those creatures second chance of life. Although the efforts of the government and Dr. Daphne, this trade is terribly increasing.


Not only the elephants that the organization helps, they also help rhinos which has the same treatment of the elephants. Thank you Dr. Daphne, your life is a lesson for every one, you have a goal and you dedicated your entire life for this goal.