This kitten was shocked when she found that scary thing, what she did is the funniest thing ever.

4-5-2015 3-06-13 PM

This battle is normal between kittens and balls, or actually, any unknown creatures for them. And this little kitten in the video is in a battle between her and that scary, round thing on the floor. This kitten entered the room and she found a scary thing on the floor which is actually a tennis ball. The little kitten started to hiss on the ball and arches her back, sometimes she stands on her back legs. What a cute kitten, I can’t stop laughing while watching this, what I liked more about this video is the background music, it’s like you are watching a scary movie!

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When kittens get scared of something, they hiss and they arch their back, and also jump on that archy position. But we hope that this kitten gets calm later, well kitty, it’s just a tennis ball.
At this age of kittens, they need to play a lot and jump all around, they need to be active. Kittens are the cutest ever; Cats typically sleep for 15-20 hours a day, with kittens often needing closer to 20 hours because of their young age, the kitten’s growing hormones produced while they are sleeping! Kittens like these ones are happiness itself. If you are having a kitten, you are a very lucky person then; you have to take good care of them. It starts with providing them a wide safe space, you have to keep them warm, because the cute kittens could catch a cold very easily which is very dangerous in their very first weeks. Before you hold one of them and after, you have to wash your hands very well with soap and water, and just soap and water, no extra products because little cute kittens may have several health problems in their first weeks, you have to plan a vet visit to check up on them.

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