This Kitten Was Trapped Between Two Boulders For Two Days, Till This Happened…


Kittens get stuck in trouble sometimes, but what this white kitten trapped herself into was hard and horrible. If she wouldhave been stuck like this for more than this she would be dead by now. It all started when this kitten was trapped between two large construction boulders for complete two days. It was only a few inchspaces between both boulders, but thankfully, rescuers were there to save her life.


A man heard a kitten’s screams and meows, the kitten was crying for help, he and his family started to search for the source of the cries, and they were totally shocked to find this kitten between the two boulders, so they immediately called for help, they noticed how hard the situation was on the kitten. Firefighters arrived to the place, and it was not an easy rescue, the rescuers started to pry the large boulders. The poor kitten was totally terrified from the sounds surrounding her, but thankfully in the end the succeeded in freeing her.


The kitten’s situation after the rescue was horrible, she was infected with fleas and dehydrated, so they immediately gave her a bath and cleaned her. Imagine how painful it was for this kitten, to be stuck between two boulders with only two inches space between them. For those rescuers, it was a day full of rescue missions, but they said that this one is absolutely special. Now the kitten is in her foster home waiting to get adopted and go to her forever home, the kitten’s fosterer said that she is absolutely doing fine and healthy, and she will be sent to her owner soon.


It’s very heartwarming to see this kitten rescued and living happily. Watch the photo slide show in the video and don’t forget to share this amazing rescue with your family and friends.