This man adopted a dog that no one ever looked at…!!! A very touching story!


Around 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States simply because too many people give up on their pets, and too few people adopt from shelters. Because there is a limited space in shelters, staff members sometimes need to make very hard decisions to euthanize animals that haven’t been adopted.

Some people thinks that saving dogs won’t change a thing, but the fact is that saving one dog will not change the world, but for the dog, the whole world will change forever.

This experience was special, but it was a life changing for this little puppy. It all started when this man decided to be a change in a dog’s life; he decided to adopt a dog and add a new member to his family. He went to the shelter, he already saw a picture of a dog and he decided to adopt him, but when he arrived, the workers told him that the dog was already adopted. At first he decided to go back home, without his new four legged friend, but first he decided to go have a look around in the shelter, maybe he will see another dog that will like him, and while he was walking in the shelter, he saw a dog that totally stole his heart, he saw Engelbert. But sadly, Englebert was not a normal dog, he had so many disabilities and more than ten pages of physical problems. He was not able to walk on his behind legs, his ears were completely frostbitten, his teeth were destroyed, and he only had three teeth.

Despite all these problems, the man fell in love immediately with that dog, he knew that his owner let him outside the house and left him abandoned; he decided to save him and give him a forever home. He changed his life; he gave him a second chance at life.