This Man Is Celebrating His Pet Hyena’s Birthday

9-19-2015 7-30-03 PM

Having a pet is amazing, but when you think about having a pet, you will think about dogs or cats, maybe you will also think about birds, turtles, but I think it’s an ordinary thinking. Some people like Bryan Hawn are thinking differently, when he once thought about a pet, he chose to have a Hyena.

Yes people, Bryan wanted a different, special kind of pet, his chose a Hyena, and behind this amazing bond is an adorable story. He owned this hyena when it was a just a cub, but later when he grew up, he wanted to give him a better environment to live in, and they kept on visiting him. And now, today is the Hyena’s birthday, and he recorded the celebration on camera, and we were too lucky to see that. You won’t believe how amazing the reunion was, the hyena greeted his friend in a very adorable way, they were cuddling, playing, it was totally amazing.

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Bryan Hawn didn’t stop at this point; he wrote a book about his relation with this Hyena, the book named “How the Heck Did You End Up With a Hyena”. You can read the book by clicking here.

Hyenas are known for their speed, their speed is about 60 kilometers an hour, its life span is about 12 years old, and it weighs about 40 to 55 kg, and their height is about 70 to 80 cm. there is so many other breeds for hyenas, like spotted hyenas, striped hyenas, and brown hyena.

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This video is adorable, have you ever thought about owning a hyena before as a pet? I think that this video will make you think about it. Watch the video now and if you find it funny, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.