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This man said that his dog can talk, and when she started, the audience lost it!


This dog’s talent is breaking the internet right now, because what this dog is doing is believed to be MAGICAL and unexpected. In the latest Britain’s Got Talent videos, Marc Metral showed up to show his talent, and surprisingly he has a companion: his dog Wendy.

Marc Metral and his dog Wendy hailed all the way from Paris to show their incredible talent. At first when they came on stage everyone was watching, waiting for what will happen, they saw Marc talking to his dog, but they were surprised to find the dog replying to him. Everyone was shocked, how can this dog TALK?!

The dog is not only speaking, the dog can talk, and also sing. When Marc and his dog Wendy finished the show, everyone was totally impressed by what they did, and the judges were amazed, for nine years Simon was waiting for a dog who meows, now he is watching a dog that is singing and talking! How can we ask for more?



As for Marc the ventriloquist, it is not the first time for him to perform and stand on stage in front of audience. Surprisingly, Marc is the world’s renowned for his skills, and one of the most amazing facts about him is that he was asked by Princess Diana to perform at Buckingham Palace in 1988.

The video went viral, everyone was surprised by the performance, but so many viewers noticed that Marc’s lips are saying the words that the dog says. His lips are moving slightly, not everyone will notice it! It’s all about lip syncing. Some viewers said also that he is moving the dog’s mouth with a wire to open it!


So what do you think about the talent of Marc and his dog Windy? Watch their performance in the video below and share it with your family and friends.