This monkey teaches us a very useful activity

2-5-2015 2-03-04 AM

All animals appreciate the value of a well spent playtime; they are always looking for the next object that they can use as a toy. Their love for playing has no conditions. And, as we can see in this video, monkeys are no exception! As we all already know, monkeys are one of the most playful, active, and funny residents of the animal kingdom.
Meet this very smart monkey, who finds endless fun in an activity that we, humans, have never thought of before! What he does in this video will leave you giggling and at the same time amazed by how smart this monkey actually is.

In this video you will see the monkey illustrating for his new human friend how to do one of life’s most enjoyable activities for monkeys, which is dry leaf crunching, by hand!
The monkey is obviously very serious about the tutorial he is giving to his human friend. You can see how excited he is as he carefully searches for and picks the crunchiest leafs off the ground and places them in the palm of the person who is filming the video. Then, he further illustrates by pushing the humans’ fingers to close on the leaves and there you have it, crunch! A good teacher makes sure his student understood the lesson well, so he makes sure to repeat the lesson again clearly. Such a fun learning session!

2-5-2015 2-02-28 AM

Monkeys are one of the smartest species known to man. As a result, they are also our favorite! They seriously are the funniest, and their human-like physical appearance and their strong and obvious emotions and behaviors are just simply entertaining.

So did you played with a monkey before? now watch this cute monkey in the video below and if you find it cute, share it with your family and friends.