This Non-profit project for senior dogs will warm your heart

Many prospective pet owners go for adopting young dogs or cats that are nowhere close to being adults. It’s understandable to want to raise your pet from A to Z, and to want them to spend as much of their lives with you as possible, as parts of the family.

However, in the midst of all that, we forget about senior animals. And those who are especially neglected the most are senior dogs, despite the fact that they have so much love to give in their final years.

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Many of these dogs either end up dying alone or euthanized due to lack of space in whatever shelter they’re held.

So, these two people decided that it was about time someone stood up for those dogs.

Meet Chris and Mariesa Hughes, the husband and wife who are the guardian angels of many senior dogs.

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When they adopted a 9 year old pit bull named Moses, they didn’t know to how big of an extent Moses would change their lives. And so, after he passed away, they decided to start what they named the Mr. Mo Project.

The idea of the Mr. Mo Project is to provide a loving and caring space for senior dogs whose future was leading to euthanasia. Depending entirely on donations, the program offers a no-kill shelter for senior dogs, and it also places senior dogs in foster homes for the remainder of their lives, and the best part is that they fund the fostering of the dogs, so that the foster doesn’t have to worry about financial issues.

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Watch the video below in which Chris and Mariesa talk about the Mr. Mo Project and how they initiated it. It’s a truly heartwarming thing to see, and I hope to see it in other places as well.

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