This Old Man Made A Train Only For Rescued Dogs, The Reason Is Heartwarming


There are lots of humane people in the world, who do their best to save animals in need, but this man took it to a whole new level. Eugene Bostick is an old man who retired 15 years ago, he is 80 years old. After his retirement, he worked on a new project that amazed the world, a train for only rescued dogs.


This man decided to dedicate his time to help animals, but he found that he should do something forthem; he should do something to fight all the cruelty in the world. He and his brother are having a horse barn, so lots of people leave their dogs abandoned, so he started to feed the stray dogs and he also let them inside, and not just that, he also takes them to the vet and if they need any medical treatment he gives it to them, they made them a place to live in that barn.


This old man found himself making them safe, giving them all what they need: food, water and medications, so why not give them some entertainment? Yes, he made them lots of rooms in the farm where they lived, but he thought about making something different, he decided to make them a train, and this train is only made for these dogs. The train is a tractor, and there are so many carts attached to it.

Eugene Bostick is now having nine dogs, and for twice a week, he takes the dogs and takes them on a trip around the farm in quiet streets. He said that the dogs feel very happy and excited during the trip. He said that he did all of this only for the joy of the dogs, all what he wants is to see them happy.