This owner made a funny prank on his Shiba Inu dog, you won’t stop laughing!

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What this owner did to his dog is absolutely hilarious, despite the fact that the subtitles are in Chinese, but you will get it all without even translating it. It seems that this loving Shiba Inu dog loves to stay in boxes since he was a puppy, so his owner decided to make a funny prank on him. Each time he got in the car, he got a new smaller box; all what he wants to see is what his dog will be going to do when he finds a smaller box? What a funny video, each time the boxes got small, the Shiba Inu dog’s reaction becomes more hilarious, at first he felt that the box is a little tight, but now after trying the tiniest box, I think that the Shiba Inu dog is thinking about, what’s wrong with me? Have I grown up or are the boxes getting smaller? You won’t stop laughing at this funny video.

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A Shiba Inu dog is a very cute furry friend, the bread was first originated in Japan, and their life span is from 12 to 16 years old. Grooming is the most important thing for this breed because of their thick furry coat; they shed heavily twice a year. The Shiba Inu dog learns really quickly, so it’s easy for you to train them. They are very playful, full of energy and protective but they love chasing any smaller animals. They are also very loyal, loving, and very funny. The Shiba Inu dog was occasionally used to hunt wild boar. Maybe Shiba Inu dog is a small dog but he needs to live in a big space with a fenced yard, because they are very energetic and curious. Before getting a Shiba Inu you have to read a lot about the breed to raise a healthy dog.

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