This panda was sitting behind her baby, what the baby did was the funniest ever.

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What this baby panda did was hilarious that you won’t stop laughing at it. The baby panda was sitting beside her baby, and suddenly something surprising happened, the little panda sneezed and I think that the whole world heard the sound, and the way that the mother panda reacted to her baby’s snooze was adorable. But I am sure that the whole world had heard that snooze, the video was uploaded on YouTube and it gained more than 200 million views, and it was shared thousands of times all over pet blogs, people were amazed by that video.

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Panda bears are cute and beautiful, and they are one of the most loved animals. They are specialized with cuteness, with their black and white furry coat; their ears are cute black ones, also their black eye patches, and their cute and short legs. Their life span is about 20 years average and their weight is about 75 kg to 120 kg, but for baby pandas, it weighs directly after birth about 100 to 200 gm and just 15 cm long. The female panda gives birth for just 1 or 2 cubs. Baby pandas are born blind and hairless, and their eyes open after 6 to 8 weeks after birth and they start to move after 3 months and they become independent after a complete year. Pandas spend most of their days resting and feeding, and also searching for food. They feed on bamboo; they eat about 9 to 20 kg of bamboo shoots daily, they also feed on flowers and grasses and also honey. They live their life alone, males and females only meet in breeding sessions. Pandas are also perfect in climbing trees.

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