This pig doesn’t want anyone to cuddle with her, see what happened when her owner did to her.

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Now you are about to meet one of the cutest and loving, also smartest pigs. Meet the intelligent, Virginia the Pig. She loves to do an amazing thing with her owner. Each time her owner tries to cuddle with her pig, she finds the pig doing special tantrums; it seems that the pig is not ready or maybe not in the mood. That’s why that pig reacted like this. Isn’t it the most amazing video to see today? I wish I can own a pig pet one day, and the first thing I wish is to be as cute as Virginia.

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Pigs are cute and funny, they are adorable pets, and as it seems in the video, it’s amazing to own them with other pets. Also they are clean and neat; they are not like what some people think. Pigs’ life span is about 20 years on average. They are very playful, full of energy, and intelligent. But they need some special help. So, if it’s your first time to own a cute pig pet, check first if it’s legal in your region and if it’s a yes, we will help you figure it out, and let you know what you should do and how to get prepared.

Want to watch more of pig adventures? Watch this pigs having endless fun in their new playground. A farmer built a slide to help pigs play with while they take their mud bath. Also watch this video of a family who were having a dog and they decided to have a new pig pet, what the dog did when they first met was the most amazing thing ever.

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If you have a pig pet, it will be amazing to share your experience with us, tell us the funniest stories about your pig pet. Watch the video below and if you enjoy it, share it with your family and friends.

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