This pit bull has the most important job in the house; you won’t believe what he is doing.

This pit bull has the most important job in the house; you won't believe what he is doing.

Pit bulls are very smart dogs, and people think that they are not good with children or little babies, they think they are dangerous, also mean with other animals, which is absolutely wrong and here is the proof. This Pit bull dog proved that pit bull dogs can be kind, protective, and loving for those little babies and for any other animals.

Diesel the pit bull is the cutest dog ever, the owner of this pit bull dog gave him a big responsibility in the house, he have to watch the baby and protect her, and according to the owner commands, when Diesel the pit bull hears it from the owner, he rushes to the little baby, just to make sure that he is safe. The owner repeated it again and again. Each time the owner calls on the pit bull dog with a command (that we actually don’t know what it is according to the owner’s language) the pit bull dog rushes to check on his little brother. It’s a simple proof that pit bull dogs can be very loving and protective if they are just well trained, also if they get a good chance in life, and safe homes.

Pit bulls are one of the best dogs; they are kind, and they have the most wonderful morals ever. Pit bulls are emotional; they are very socializing, calm, and confident. They can be loyal family members, and they respect their owners, and have deep love for children. They are also strong and powerful. Pit bull dogs must have regular exercises, which will need plenty of time, also daily long walks. In fact, Pit bulls are not a good idea for those who will not give much attention to their dogs.

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