This pit bull is too smart for this trap!

7-26-2015 12-42-30 AM

Aren’t pit bulls just simply adorable? This breed of dogs never fails to surprise us with their cuteness and loveliness. Ask any pit bull owner you know, and they will not find enough time to talk about their adorableness. There is a common misunderstanding in the dog community that pit bulls are not friendly dogs, and that they bite a lot and attack humans and other animals for no reason, and because of that bad reputation, pit bulls are actually banned in some parts. However, videos like these that we see more often than not that prove to us that pitbull dogs are actually one of the most friendly and most adorable breeds, it’s just undeniable.


Pit bulls, like all dogs, are very smart, and that’s what makes them my favorite. However, like all children, they also don’t like veggies!

Well, we all know the technique that some parents use to feed their children their veggies, by throwing in the veggies in between some food that the child likes. So, as a joke, this man decided to try it on his pit bull and see how he’d react.

Well, I expected this would happen because I just know how smart pit bulls are. The man first fed his pitbull some treats, and the pit bull seemed to be enjoying it, until the man did his move, by randomly throwing in a broccoli instead of the treats. Right away, the pit bull realized what happened, and he gave his owner the most adorable look ever!


I know for sure now his owner is glad that his pit bull can tell the difference between what he can and can’t eat. It’s very important to keep your dog on a healthy diet, by knowing which foods are good for them and which aren’t!

Source: Pit Bull not fooled by vegetable treat by peanutbutterpibble on Rumble

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