This pit bull was used as a bait dog, she was badly injured, see the magical transformation.

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It’s very heartwarming to see rescuers in Hope for Paws doing their best to save animals in need. Isn’t it amazing? Seeing those people doing their best to save an animal in need is priceless, and as always, Hope for Paws’ volunteers are there, doing their best. They amaze us with their amazing short videos showing their rescues and this one is one of the most heartwarming rescues of all time.

It all started when Hope for Oaws received an urgent call about a Pit bull dog that was badly injured, the one who called said that they had followed the Pit bull dog for about two hours till she hid in a dark ally, so they waited there for the rescuers to come. The pit bull dog was very calm, he started to sniff the leash, it seems that he accepted it, the rescuers put it easily around the Pit bull dog’s neck and thankfully, he was finally controlling the dog, he started to pet her and the dog accepted his touch, she trusted him.

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When she stood up, they saw how badly injured the dog is, and she was in a real need for medical care. When the Pit bull dog arrived to the vet, it was obvious that she was used as a bait dog. They did a surgery for her to treat the wounds and injuries; they also did a surgery later to save her eyes. After a few weeks, you won’t believe how the dog looks like, her real personality shines, she loves other dogs, she loves to swim and she also loves to play fetch, and she is a good catcher.

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Now this Pit bull dog is at her foster home, if you want to help him by adoption or by donating, visit www.hopeforpaws.org and share it with family and friends.