This Pomeranian puppy is about to sneeze, what happened in the end is absolutely CUTE!

Yes, it’s normal, we have seen lots of dogs who sneeze in lots of ways, but this one is the cutest. Lots of us have captured a sneezing moment of his dog or cat, but believe me this one is so special. This Pomeranian dog is adorable; his owner captured the moment perfectly. I couldn’t stop laughing while watching this.

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Bless You Kitties, the Funniest Cats Sneezing Compilation

At first, you will feel like there is something wrong with that cute Pomeranian puppy, he is moving his head all around in a very weird way, just wait for a few seconds and you will be totally surprised when you hear the strong sneeze, but it sounds amazing. Believeme; you won’t stop laughing at this.

Pomeranian Puppies Playing And Squeaking Around

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Pomeranian dogs are already known for being so friendly and are perfect as a family dog. They are quite stubborn, entertaining, active, and is competitive. They generally weigh from 3 to 7 pounds, and their lifespan is an average from 12 to 16 years. Their personality is different and unique; they are cute and feisty, and always loyal to their family members. However, don’t let their cuteness fool you because they have their own mind, and they will not obey if they are interested in something else. They are alert, curious, and they think that they are bigger in size in their mind, which could actually lead for the Pomeranian dogs to attack bigger dogs. But if properly socialized, they will go along with each other with no problems or whatsoever.

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So how does your pet sneezes? Is it as funny as this Pomeranian dog? Watch the funny video above, and if you find it cute, don’t forget to share it with all of your family and friends.