This puppy had enough of this cat, what he did to her is totally unexpected!

Yes, maybe we have seen many times some amazing videos between cats and dogs showing the amazing bond between them, they are good friends, they can have a strong friendship, not like the saying that says, “they are fighting like cat and dog.” We find in lots of videos that there are no fights, mostly it’s a kind and loving videos, but it doesn’t matter if they have some fun, pranks and some little fights together, life must have some action. What this dog did to the cat will leave you speechless; it will absolutely make your day.


This funny and smart dog wants to have some fun with his cat friend, maybe he had had enough of her or maybe he wants to do a prank! It seemed also that this evil dog planned so well for this! He found that her cart is in the place, so he started to act like he is playing with her till they became near the cart, and in the right time, the evil dog pushed her inside! Can you believe it? Not just that, it’s not enough for him, the dog also locked the little kitty inside! Poor girl, I wish that her owner had came right away and solved the situation and freed the cat.

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Maybe it’s a funny video, but you have to make sure that everything is ok with your cat and your dog before leaving home, don’t leave the cart open in the house, close it or keep it away from them so they wouldn’t reach it. Because if one of them is locked inside, it will be hard for them to get out of it, and it’s not known for how long they will wait.

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