This puppy is taking a nap, what he did next will melt your heart

Now there is nothing cuter on earth than watching this cute puppy sleeping like this. It’s adorable to own a little puppy and see him experience everything, it’s like you are discovering the world together. This cute bulldog puppy will amaze you by what he is doing with his hind legs while he is taking a nap, it’s like he is clapping, and you won’t stop saying aww while watching this.

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When This Bulldog Wants To Sleep, He Does The Funniest Thing Ever

This cute bulldog is about 12 days old; he can’t open his eyes just yet. Just look at what the puppy is doing with his legs, its heart melting. I think that I will play this all day long! I think this puppy is dreaming.

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Well, despite this lazy bulldog, bulldogs are definitely known to be perfect guard dogs. Bulldogs are kind, courageous, and definitely not aggressive or vicious. They are friendly with other pets and dogs, and they are known to be perfect dogs for families, and they always form a strong bond with children

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Bulldogs can become too attached to their home that they wouldn’t go out in the yard without a human companion. They are quite lazy, and they are more likely to sleep on someone’s lap than go chase a ball around. The breed’s lifespan is an average of 8 to 10 years. Like all dogs, bulldogs need regular exercise, and it is better if you exercised your dog daily. If a bulldog was not properly exercised, he will become overweight, which could lead to heart and lungs problems.

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Nothing is cuter than this sleepy puppy, he is a heart stealer. Watch the video and if you like it, share it with your family and friends.