This Puppy Was Born With A Not FullyGrown Leg, But He Is Strong Enough To Defeat The Odds

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We can learn a lot of things from dog, how to be loyal, loving, and also strong, we learn a lot from them and from the way the get over their difficulties. The story of Hunter will touch your heart; it’s showing how this dog is strong enough to get over the odds. It all started when Hunter was born, his mother was a stray dog that was rescued before giving birth to him by just one week. He was born in a foster home, the one his mother was living in after she was rescued. Sadly, he was born with a defect, his front leg didn’t grow as well as his other legs, and because he has a disability, it was hard for him to have a chance between his siblings or fight with them to eat, he was the weak one.

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The fosters found that the best solution is to find someone who is like the second hand or a hand-rear person, that feeds the dog and takes care of him. As his foster mom said, it was not easy for her, Caroline Ross started to bottle-feed hunter the dog every two hours, so she started to take him everywhere she goes, even for rescue events and weekends, also work!Day by day, Hunter grew up; he was ready then to have his first surgery to remove the infected leg. His foster mom was absolutely scared, how can she resist seeing her beloved baby in that situation?But she knew that this was good for him. After the surgery, Hunter found his forever home, he found someone to adopt him.

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Now as Caroline said, she is absolutely sure that Hunter is living the life that he deservs.

Hunter, in summary. from Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue on Vimeo.

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