This Reporter Held ARooster Between His Arms, What He Did Next Was Hilarious

9-8-2015 6-08-40 PM

Sometimes, funny things happen to reporters, it’s so much fun to work as a reporter; you try funny things, go to different places, know lots of people and have awesome adventures. The best thing about working as a reporter is knowingabout a lot of things and learning many new things. But despite all of these bright sides, we find that some unexpected things can happen to a reporter, like what happened in this video, and let me tell you it was the funniest thing ever, and you won’t stop laughing about it.

9-8-2015 6-09-28 PM

This man is a news reporter, and it seems that he is making a report about a chicken farm, so he loved to make the end special and held a rooster between his arms, and while he was recording the report, the rooster did the unthinkable. The rooster jumped instantly and it seems that he bit the hands of the reporter, what the reporter did was definitely hilarious, he ran away screaming in a very funny way, I felt like I am watching a cartoon. This reporter should never work with animal ever again.

9-8-2015 6-09-47 PM

We have shared so many funny videos like this on our website, when a reporter broadcasts some news with dogs in the studio. In this funny video it was supposed that this pit bull dog would appear in the TV show to promote animal adoption as an invitation for people to adopt animals. But instead, it turned to be the funniest thing ever.

I also remember that dog in this news report video, he was playful and full of energy; actually he didn’t give the man the chance to broadcast properly, but Sobel knows that it was a challenge; he then asked Ripple if he wants to play, I think he didn’t notice that the funny dog was in a hyper mood, what happened next is hilarious.