This rescued dog adopted abandoned kittens, what she did to them is beyond amazing.

rescued dog

In animals’ world, we see miracle bonds created every day, but this time it’s not just a friendship, it’s about motherhood. Being a mother is not an easy thing even for dogs, and especially when she didn’t gave birth to these little ones. This dog, named Mary, was rescued at Pickens Animal Rescue, a non – profit organization for rescuing animals in need, and after that, the rescued dog gave birth to sweet little puppies and in the same time, some abandoned kittens were found dropped in front of the shelter.

rescued dog
Meet Mary , the rescued dog and her family

Those kittens don’t have a mother to care and feed them, but the amazing rescued dog was having a strong motherhood instinct of all. The rescuers brought the kittens to the dog and they were totally surprised from what they found, she adopted them and fed them. This kind dog offered them love and kindness, not just milk. You will see in the video how this rescued dog is fostering the kitten and caring for them.

Nothing is more amazing than motherhood. This video is showing the motherhood instinct between animals despite their species or types, like a horse who fed on a goat, or a puppy who fed from a cat. This video has an important message, it’s very meaningful.

In this amazing video, you will see this rescued dog taking the kittens back to the crate, it seems that it’s time to sleep, they love to play so they are crawling out of the crate. So the dog got them back inside to make sure they are safe. She sat in the crate keeping her adopted kittens and puppies warm.

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This video is very touching and it shows the amazing instincts of dogs. Watch the video below and feel free to share it with all of your family and friends.