This Saint Bernard dog is afraid from going down the stairs!

1-27-2015 12-45-41 PM

Maybe it’s the most adorable thing you will see for a long time. This big, beautiful Saint Bernard is an amazing dog.  But although he’s that cute, he has a fear.  He can’t go down the stairs.  He is in what looks like an attic and refuses to go down the stairs.  Thankfully he has owners that love him and will do anything for him, which is quite obvious in this video clip. They kept on convincing him to go down but he was frozen in his place, so they start to push him. I am assuming that the dog did not have any trouble getting up the stairs but only has trouble getting down.  Poor thing!

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The video was uploaded by the owner, the video crossed 800,000 views and many shares on internet and social media, all viewers loved that huge and lovely dog. Don’t forget to share the video widely with your friends and family members.

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The Saint Bernard dogs are called the giants, that beautiful breed’s first origin was in Italy. Surprisingly their weight can reach 120 kg; they are heavy and huge, but it can’t be less than 60 kg. Their life span is from 8 to 10 years old. They are not a good companion in jogging due to their heavy weight, also it’s very hard for them to deal with hot weather, so in summer you have to help them to refresh, a cold water shower will be a good idea, and dogs like them find their happiness in snow. They are gentle and loving, and they could be a perfect family partner.

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