This scared Golden Retriever was hiding, you won’t believe what happened after he got to her


Hope For Paws is one of the biggest rescue organizations out there, and I won’t be lying if I said that their rescues are the most daring and heart warming.

This particular rescue will touch your heart beyond any other.

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When they received a call about a homeless, scared dog, the rescuers didn’t waste a second before going to the site to find her. After 5 days of searching, she was finally spotted, looking hungry, exhausted, and most of all, terrified. As the noise from the trains nearby started, the startled dog ran and hid under some junk, providing a very tight crawl space for the rescuer.

However, the brave man was determined to get her, no matter how much time and effort it took. It is admirable how he crawled in there and stayed as long as it needed him to get her out, it was such a beautiful thing to watch. The dedication of the rescuers amazes me.

With the help of his colleagues, he managed to get hold of her via a plastic tube. But the poor dog was simply panicking, so he decided to take a chance and get closer to her. As he touched her, she seemed to have calmed down bit by bit, and when they got her out, she seemed to be a totally different dog, finally feeling safe again.

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Watch the video of the heartwarming and daring rescue and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends and fellow dog lovers.

Seeing her a while after her rescue warmed my heart. They named her Clarabelle, and she is now a healthy, happy dog looking for a forever home.

To adopt Clarabelle, visit http://www.sclrr.com, and don’t forget to give donations to Hope for Paws on http://www.hopeforpaws.org.