This Shelter Dog Has Been Having Bad Luck, But Is It About to Change?

8-15-2015 4-27-47 PM

While living in a shelter is undoubtedly better for stray animals in general, it still fails to provide an ideal life for the poor animals. Of course, shelter workers work with sincere dedication to meet the animal’s basic needs, but there is still a missing element of being at home and having all the love and attention you need, and while shelters are more often than not short on money and therefore understaffed, it becomes a harder job for them to care for animals, especially when there are so many stray animals out there. Stories like this one can encourage many people to adopt from shelters in order to help shelters save more lives and care for more animals.

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Sally is shelter dog that has been through so much in her 4 years of life. She is a Labrador/shepherd mix, and when she was first found, she had numerous porcupine quills on her face and mouth, and when she was taken to the vet, they discovered that she was pregnant!Later on, Sally gave birth to ten adorable and healthy puppies. Unfortunately, soon after, being her adventurous and playful self, Sally jumped out of a window, and she was seriously injured in her side, a cut that required more than 40 stitches.She is now in better health and recovering in the Peterborough Humane Society, but she is hoping to find her forever home soon, where she could have all the care and attention she needs.

8-15-2015 4-30-02 PM

We are so grateful for the Peterborough Humane Society for taking care of Sally and many dogs like her, and we hope she soon finds her happy forever home. Sally is certainly strong to have made it through all of this. Watch the video below and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!